Magi on the move!

The nativity has found a new place to nest for the month of March, as a part of the latest exhibition of Portland State University’s Littman Gallery: “Contact.”

We’re thrilled to take part in a collection of other-dimensional artwork and artifacts documenting cosmic citizenry. And happy to have nativity conceptualizer J. Lee Vineyard’s visionary artwork on display alongside our work!

The crew enjoyed a lovely reception last night and hope you all get a chance to check it out if you’re in the Portland area.

The exhibit runs from March 1-28, and is open for viewing M-F, 12p-4p.
The Littman Gallery is located on the PSU campus, in the  Smith Memorial Student Union, room 250.

Peep the show description:

“There are 400 billion stars out there, just in our galaxy alone. If only one of a million of those had planets… If just one out of a million of those had life, and if just one out of a million of those had intelligent life, there would be literally millions of civilizations out there.

And if there wasn’t, it’d be an awful waste of space*

The Drake Equation** estimates 10,000 communicative civilizations in the Milky Way alone, but mainstream culture has been faced with a paradox—if extraterrestrial intelligence exists then why is there no hard and fast evidence of it? For roughly 3% of the human population, contact has happened. It has left its mark physically and psychologically; it has changed and affected us.

The Littman & White Galleries are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Contact, featuring new and venerable works from Chase Biado, Jamie Edwards, Daniel Glendening, Joshua Lee Vineyard, Xhurch Collective and selections from the Portland Alien Museum. Contact offers a space for the audience to posit, explore, and question the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligences and their implications.”




Coming to a desert near you…

AMAZING renderings by crew member Jared Abraham of our Alien Nativity encasement…A HUGE PYRAMID. Ambitous? Yes. Amazing? Yes yes. August? YES YES YES – Burning Man, here we come!

We’ve just applied for grant funding to see that the Alien Nativity gets to reach beyond the scope of Portland peepers and setting our sights on Black Rock City. Will you be there?


Welcome to the website for the Alien Nativity.

Here is the headquarters for all your nativity news needs as we embark on our latest journey – the long road to bringing the installation to 2012’s Burning Man!

As we traverse time and space to land in Black Rock City, we urge you to keep afloat of our updates, exploits, bloopers, and ruminations over the next few months. Please consider lending us a hand, or even just an ear, to learn our story and share in the adventure with us.